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Futurism. Art and Politics If the Italian art had remained virtually silent when it comes to artistic trends and cultural concerns distant from the eighteenth century, the futurism, since 1909, marks a point apart in this long silent.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs and The Rosetta Stone

The Old Egyptian Empire created codes that left embedded in the walls of their monuments. These symbols took them from reality and describe what they served to represent the object itself and the word that contained his name, although they mean different things.

History of Gum

History of Gum Appeared in dictionaries in 1899, but the gum is between us since time immemorial, since you know the milky resin Sapito Achras L., where applicable.

Napoleon's Penis

Buried in six concentric coffins and maimed. So Napoleon lies, without a penis, among other things, at the Invalides in Paris. Maimed.

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