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Isabel of France, the princess of Braveheart

For all film fans, Princess Isabel of France will always have the features of Sophie Marceau, the beautiful actress who played this role in Mel Gibson’s film Braveheart.

The royal story of Queen Elizabeth of France

However, the historical reality of this character has little to do with the story told by the film.

The princess, for example, could never meet William Wallace, because he did not arrive in England until 1308, when he was only twelve years old, three years after Wallace was executed, and he did not meet his father-in-law (his great nemesis in the film). because he married Eduardo II when his father had already died.

However, the real story of Queen Elizabeth of France is also, without a doubt, worthy of a film.

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29 Nov

the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo

Some may highlight from the life of the world-famous painter Vicent Van Gogh more macabre or more incredible aspects, such as: that he lived a life of poverty and needs (and now, one hundred and twenty years after his death, his paintings are sold in millions of dollars); that almost killed the only “friend” he thought he had: the painter Paul Gauguin, or that he tore off an ear because it did not look good on his face when he wanted to make his self-portrait.

Some can stay with their genius unrecognized in life, with the poverty that ended his life.

Vincent Van Gogh sees the colors and tells his brother

the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo

the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo

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22 Nov

Tomoko en el Baño. Malformaciones por contaminación en la cadena alimenticia. Minamata

“Tomoko en el Baño” es una fotografía de W. Eugene Smith (1919-1978). Fue tomada en el año 1972, en el poblado pesquero de Minamata, al Sur de Japón, y formó parte de un reportaje que Smith realizó a propósito de los vertidos de mercurio de la empresa química Chisso, que contaminó toda la cadena alimenticia y que afectó a unas catorce mil personas, cobrándose la vida de más de mil. Más información:
Tomoko en el baño
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