🤖 Who was the first robot in history? Jacques de Vaucanson

History of the beginnings of robotics and robots

In the year 1738, the first robotic pet in history, or the first automaton, appeared. It was made by Jacques de Vaucanson, who from a very young age, and despite the poverty in which he lived, surprised everyone with his creative capacity.

It was so that one day in the church he carefully observed the operation of the chapel clock. He managed to make a similar one a few weeks later.

The fact was not lost on Vaucanson’s widowed mother, who sent him to study with the Jesuits because of her eloquent talent.

The manufacture of the watch was the inspiration for what would come later. It seems that Vaucanson intended to create the first robots in history, which seemed real.

Vaucanson focused his efforts on making a duck that ate grains, digested them, and most amazingly, excreted them.
The first robot in history. Jacques de Vaucanson's Duck
The first robot in history. Jacques de Vaucanson’s Duck
His first work was a musical automaton that played the flute.
The realism of the movements surprised everyone, but that accuracy did not seem to be enough for the inventor, he spent time working on getting a material as similar as possible to human skin, precisely to humanize his creations.
Vaucanson later focused his efforts on making a duck, the closest thing to a real duck, of course. He endowed it with an artificial digestive system, through an almost perfect movement the duck ingested grains, digested them, and most amazingly, excreted them.
In the image above we can see the mechanism enclosed in the body of the duck. Unfortunately, the prototypes created by this inventor have not been preserved, not even all the sketches drawn on paper that would make up the intricate mechanism.
Although his demonstrated inventiveness was extraordinary, Jacques de Vaucanson, his name, his life, has not come down to us with the fame and importance given to other men of science.
Although in his time he became a true celebrity known in the European courts.

Modern pets and robots

Ryomei Engineering, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, in collaboration with two other engineering companies in the Hiroshima area, has developed a robot resembling a koi carp.
With a wingspan of 80 cm and a weight of 12 kg, it shows a smooth and truly realistic tail movement. Thanks to the remote control, it is able to perform movements that a genuine koi would be unable to perform.
Image: http://pinktentacle.com/2006/03/hiroshima-engineers-develop-robotic-carp/
Imagen: http://pinktentacle.com/2006/03/hiroshima-engineers-develop-robotic-carp/
New features added to the robot include a head-integrated CCD camera and sensors for water quality analysis, giving it endless possibilities for practical application.

The robot dog

Sony Aibo

In 1999 the robot dog of the Sony brand appeared. The Aibo 110. Since then, other models have emerged such as the Aobo 210, which was presented in the year 2000. More than real pets, they seem like the antecedent of something to come.In the image the Aibo 110. Sony.es
Pleo the robot dinosaur
Pleo the robot dinosaur

Ugobe, a robotics company located in California, launched the Pleo mascot on the market in 2006, pictured above, a dinosaur that looks like a baby, capable of detecting sound, day, night, light, movement and touch thanks to the almost forty sensors distributed throughout its body, to the eight processors that can handle up to sixty million operations per second, which allows this little dinosaur to be able to interact in a “real” way with human beings, always and when I have battery

Who was the first robot in history? Jacques de Vaucanson
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Who was the first robot in history? Jacques de Vaucanson
The first robot in history. Who was the forerunner of robotics in history? Jacques deVaucanson. In the year 1738 he created the first robotic mascot, the 1st automaton.
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