Did Sherlock Holmes exist? The true history

Detective Sherlock Holmes is real or made up?

It may be that, jokingly or seriously, many people for a long time sent letters addressed to Mr. Sherlock Holmes at 221a Baker Street, the fictional home of a fictional character turned real.
The great fondness for the novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle led to this phenomenon.

Sherlock Holmes But evidently the detective was conceived by the imagination of his creator. Although the character is based on a real person named Joseph Bell, a nursing doctor from Edinburgh.

According to Conan Doyle’s own description, the teaching physician was “thin, wiry, with black hair, a sharp face and a powerful nose.”

Bell was a skilled surgeon who stood out for his accurate diagnoses.

Conan Doyle was his student and assistant in the care of his patients. Doyle was in charge of giving the appointment time and making a summary of the specific case.

Did Sherlock Holmes exist?

Did Sherlock Holmes exist?

These cases were transferred to practical classes observed by a good number of students.

When Conan Doyle communicated to his teacher his intention to create the literary detective based on his deductive ability, Joseph Bell was delighted. He even lent ideas that, apparently, the writer did not put into practice.

Sherringford o Sherlock

Conan Doyle also drew inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe’s researcher Dupin.

Before calling him Sherlock Holmes, he considered other names such as Sherringford, but preferred Sherlock, which was “a name sharp as the blade of a knife.”

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