Bruce Lee in 1973
Bruce Lee in 1973

Is the video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong real?

Check out the following video. It’s about Bruce Lee playing ping pong with some nunchucks. The images are spectacular …

But this sporting boast is not real. Unfortunately.

As a full version of the video shows, which can be seen below these lines, the recording is only a “digital creation” intended to develop an advertising campaign that intended to go viral (and it succeeded) to promote the Nokia N96 Limited Edition phone. Bruce Lee , produced in 2008, thirty-five years after Lee’s death, who is still in fashion, even appearing, figuratively, in the recently released Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Nokia N96 (Limited Edition Bruce Lee) phone advertising images

This advertising work was carried out by the advertising agency JWT (J. Walter Thompson), located in Beijing.

En el video creemos ver al propio Bruce Lee, pero no era él sino un doble que, en la distancia, parece el real. Los movimientos sincronizados con los sonidos de un auténtico partido de ping pong, sumando el audio y la imagen visual de la pelota añadidos al clip en postproducción, generan la idea de un partido real donde Lee no deja pasar una pelota, devolviéndola. con la rotundidad de su arte marcial.

In addition, the year 2008 marked the 30th anniversary of the (strange) death of Bruce Lee, which was also a source of inspiration for the advertising agency, by way of tribute: “Our task was to make people feel excited. Enough to visit the Nokia website and make the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Limited Edition visible, not to communicate a complete and independent product selling proposition, which is the goal behind most TV commercials. JWT agency, to which they added: “Bruce Lee had ‘very’ amazing skills and we knew we had to be true to the legend. Fortunately, we also have a ‘very open’ client who advocates and knows the value of great creativity ‘.

And the campaign was a success, in just twenty-four hours they had exceeded 700,000 views.

The advertising campaign began as a fictional game, but that was only the beginning, soon after the full version was launched with the image of the product and the address of the website where the public could gather more information about the product, which was from ‘ limited edition’. Without a doubt, an original idea.

This is how Bruce Lee handled the nunchucks … in the movies …

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