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Many television commercials have been banned or have not lasted for a long time. Others have been issued, but they would not resist even two seconds on the screen today because times have changed in terms of morals and ‘good customs’. Let’s take a look at some television commercials that created some controversy … When the creative advertising goes away the imagination and the original hand.

See or not see, that’s the question


The German brand Ihr Optiker went a little far when it came to highlighting the lack of visual acuity and the need for its services. Of course, the issuance of this announcement was prohibited. Given the current times, perhaps the guillotine would have been requested for the advertising creatives who created the idea and for the owners of the commercial brand.

The chocolate that … melts

Of course, the announcement was damn because it had some sensual connotations that went beyond “good taste”, which is why it was removed from the screens. The producing and manufacturing company was Negusa, and broke down at the beginning of this century.

Deadly warning

Death is not usually welcome to reach consumers. Here, Huynday wanted to show a black humor that became his ban, at least in Germany. Of course, almost everything remains on the Web, even if it is, in many cases restrictive, youtube.

Ikea, also suffers censorship

IKEA Tidy Up Banned Commercials



Ikea launched an advertising campaign under the slogan “Tidy Up” (order) composed of three ads. Well, all three were initially banned due to the display of open sexuality. Of course, they do not lack a sense of humor and comply with the maximum of surprising and fit perfectly in their idea, precisely that of facilitating order with their furniture … Perhaps the announcement in which the woman seeks her child will generate some impression on the more fragile thoughts, and be the worst, but the other two are memorable …


Life is short, according to Xbox

It is not very well understood that this announcement was censored, really. This thrilling announcement of the original Xbox console features a woman who gives birth to a baby, who is just shot out of the window and flies through the air as she ages, passing from teenager to adult and from adult to old. … to get to his grave. The message: Life is short; play more If you think about it, it looks like a console countercampaign: if life is short, don’t spend hours and hours in front of the screen playing …

And the Xbox has the ‘honor’ of having another ad removed due to the exhibitionism of violence, which must remain contained on the TV screen, but cannot pass through it.


Small but sturdy

Again, a car brand, in this case Volkswagen, breaks into a campaign not suitable for certain sensibilities. Talking about terrorism is not advisable, however resistant the Polo is.

The most provocative Kylie Minogue that stayed in the cinema

This is an advertisement for greater glory of singer Kylie Minogue. And, the truth is that it fulfills its seductive role with transparent lingerie, riding a mechanical bull and making some more than suggestive movements. This ad was only broadcast in movie theaters and never on television. The best, the end, when Kylie asks all men to be contemplating the images that stand up to show that the lingerie she advertises has the desired effect.

Looks are deceiving

As we see, most of the banned ads have a sexual component. Even to advertise shoes, the false appearance of what really happens is used. The truth is that they do it with one smile…

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