Elon Musk. Investment advice: trust the products and services you would use

Elon Musk. Investment advice: trust the products and services you would use

Elon Musk’s investment advice on the stocks you should buy is very simple. It boils down to: “Buy goods or services you would trust.”

Somehow, invest in what you would buy. A recommendation of common sense, the least common of the senses, but that keeps all the logic… And it is said by a “guy” who has earned a lot, a lot of money… And who has bought Twitter -some say that for whim 😀 -. There are a lot of jokers, especially tweeting… But if he has acquired it, it will be because he knows that many people use it and it has a promising future.

This is the tweet in which he explains where and how we should invest:

Where do you have the musk the money?

The millionaire, of South African origin, and according to Bloomberg, has a fortune that will be around 268,000 million dollars.

All this, through Tesla, his car company (it is said to be the sixth largest company in the world by market capitalization). But also in companies -not listed-: SpaceX  and in The Boring Company y Neuralink

Other tips from Elon

When to sell your shares? Elon Musk also reflects on the matter and warns us of two ‘things’. Namely:

“Sell only if you think those products and services are going to get worse.”
“Don’t panic when the market does.”

A priori it seems easy to say “don’t panic” when your savings rise to those that Elon treasures (we’ll end up on a familiar note, better -or the same- than tweeting it 😀 )

Although, these tips also have their logic. The first because it is based on the basis of his investment thinking: If you stop trusting a product / service, it may be better to sell your shares. The second, in short, will depend on the consistency of your savings.

Final conclusion

So, you know friends: a billionaire tells you. There is nothing like observing what you yourself consume, or perhaps also what you see that is consumed in an ordinary way, usually, to concentrate the effort of your savings in generating more benefits. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

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Elon Musk. Investment advice: trust the products and services you would use
The tweet in which 【ELON MUSK】 explains where and how we should invest. Curious and common sense. Where do you have the musk paste?
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