▷ 9 Curiosities about the life of Pablo Neruda

  1. Pablo Neruda’s father wanted his son to go to university to build a future for himself. Thus, he enrolled in the Institute
    Pedagogical. Quickly, it came to his ears that instead of frequenting the University
    d, he spends a lot of time in the bohemian life. Reason for which, he stops sending the money that he sent him every month to cover his expenses.
  2. To self-publish his first book, which was entitled “Crepusculario” (1923), Neruda sold his is
    houses his belongings: his furniture, a watch as a gift from his father and his black “poet’s” suit. Still, he needed a friend to loan him money so he could finish paying the printer.
  3. The early and discreet success does not exempt the poet from going through financial difficulties, so with the help of good friends, he obtained a position as Consul in 1927.
    Without even knowing where the city of Rangoon was located, he chooses that destination because he likes it.
    how the word sounded. In fact, when he was celebrating his new job with friends, he had already forgotten the name of the place in the Far East where he would reside until 1929.
  4. The support that Neruda gave to the Spanish Republic in the years of the civil war caused the animosity of the national side and the consequent cessation of him as Consul in Spain.
  5. Thanks to the subsequent victory in Chile of the Popular Front, in 1939 Neruda was appointed by President Pedro Aguirre to take care of a contingent of Spanish exiles.
  6. He managed to gather 2000 people. “My poetry in their struggle had managed to find them a homeland. I was proud ”.
  7. In June 1965, Neruda received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Philosophy and Letters from the prestigious University of Oxford. He was the first Latin writer to receive this honor.
  8. He was awarded the Viareggio-Versilia Prize, first instituted in 1967, to recognize “world personalities who work for culture and understanding between peoples.”
  9. In 1970, having presented himself as a pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Chilean Republic, Neruda withdrew his candidacy, like the rest of the candidates, in favor of Salvador Allende.
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