What do investors think of cryptocurrencies at the moment?

What do investors think of cryptocurrencies right now

Fear of cryptocurrencies?

Well, it’s going to be no, at least in North America. According to the news published by Finbold, the proportion of Americans who invest in cryptocurrencies grows by 125% despite the so-called crypto winter.
That prevailing so-called “crypto winter” has partly forced some investors into the background as they monitor the market for signs of a possible rally. However, this is not the case for a section of US investors who seem undeterred by the prolonged market decline.
That 125% increase occurred between the summer of 2020 and 2022. In 2020, only 8% of Americans had invested in cryptocurrencies. while from 2022, the value is 18%.
The growth trajectory is also reflected in the number of investors who intend to get involved in crypto. As of the summer of 2020, only 11% of Americans had plans to venture into cryptocurrencies, while in 2022, the number grew to between 36.36% and 15%.

Investors able to digest volatility

Amid the market downturn, the research identified potential drivers for investors to show resilience and continue to bet on different assets. According to the research report:
“In particular, the growth indicates that the investors in question can withstand volatility. These investors are likely to understand that cryptocurrencies remain an emerging asset class and technology whose impact on the broader financial sector is not yet fully understood. Along these lines, some investors choose to ignore short-term price volatility and focus on potential future growth.”
However, uncertainty still remains that could affect the overall crypto market. In particular, the extent of prevailing macroeconomic factors and regulatory debate will potentially influence continued participation in the sector.
What do investors think of cryptocurrencies at the moment?
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What do investors think of cryptocurrencies at the moment?
How is the cryptocurrency market? Is there fear in investors? A study shows that there is no panic, at least in North America
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