【What was Victorian England?】Politics and Economics ✍

What was Victorian England? Politics and Economics

How many years did the VICTORIAN ERA last?

The Victorian Era lasted during the reign of Queen Victoria I, from 1837 to 1901.

Throughout the 19th century, the United Kingdom succeeded in completing the Industrial Revolution and, during the Victorian Era, achieved:

  • Its maximum industrial development;
  • Its maximum territorial expansion;
  • The maintenance of its Institutions: parliamentary monarchy;
  • Be a model of liberal democracy.


At the end of the 19th century, Great Britain entered an economic crisis, especially in agriculture. Although, its economy, especially its financial system, endured that swing, also seeing that the German or American economies reached the same industrial development.

Imperialism: It was the key to the British boom because it allowed them to control trade and shipping routes in half the world.


From the middle of the 19th century two political parties alternated in power.

  • The Tories or Conservatives;
  • The Whigs or Liberals.

In 1893 the Labor party was founded, which eventually displaced the Whigs.

1867 Electoral reform

The first reform of a democratic nature. It was carried out by the conservative government of Disraeli, who was the prime minister, but it was also supported by the liberals.

It was not a reform that allowed everyone to vote, only 1 million people, but it opened a new path to democracy.

With later governments, such as that of the Gladstone Liberals in 1869, he followed this trend.

Religious reforms. Confessional freedom

In 1869 the Anglican Church was separated from the State. In the government, as we said, were the liberals. As a detail, it remains to say that it was mandatory to belong to the Anglican church to, for example, be a teacher.

1884 New electoral reform

In addition to creating a new trade union law, the number of citizens with the right to vote was increased, reaching five million voters.
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