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3 febrero, 2017  —  By

As we can see in the lower images, since 1919, the zombie swatch is endless. Be that as it may, zombies only look like hungry “beings” who respond to similar parameters. However, how could it be otherwise, there was a first movie in which these first zombies appeared.

Although, in that first film, the zombies had certain peculiarities. Let’s see …

I Accuse The First Zombie Movie Film

“I accuse”, a film by Frenchman Abel Gance is considered the first film involving zombies.
It was released in the distant year of 1919. Although, it is pointed to the “Cabinet of Dr. Galigari” (Das Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) like a species precursor of the gender that occupies us, nevertheless, it must be said that the central personage Of the story undergoes an apparent hypnosis.

The character, capable of predicting the future, lives, and does so in the broad term of the word, but lives, subjugated, hypnotized by the wicked. Being a contemporary film, the similarities are really scarce.

In “J’accuse”, in reality it is where the zombie horror cinema emerges, although a terror very different from the one we know, or the one we have usually seen on the screens of the cinemas, even with their nuances so many decades later.

In this case, the subject of the living dead is treated in a somewhat poetic way, although the zombies appear in the last quarter of an hour of film, after 151 minutes of footage, in which a folletinesca history is developed, a history of Complicated love between two men and one woman, all seasoned with the backdrop of the war.

I Accuse The First Zombie Movie Film
I Accuse The First Zombie Movie Film

In this sense, the film is clearly anti-war, a further example of the artistic mood that was generated around the First World War.

Returning to the center of the subject at hand, do not think that those who become zombies are the three characters that are behind the plot of the film. No. In this case it is the living dead that literally come back to life, and they do it from the battlefield.

I accuse, a peculiar message that the zombies bring

I accuse us a clear message: the dead in the war, with that zombie aspect that we can see in the upper frame of the film, return to the world of the living to stop the barbarism of war.
The inhabitants of the town where the action is centered see how the dead get up, come up to their houses and watch them. They do it with a single idea, with a unique approach: to know if the conflict, the war, has served for something; If their deaths have been useful for the future of history. Obviously, the dead understand that the war has been absolutely useless, so they choose to go back where they came from.

As you can see, the philosophy of the film is far from the rest of the zombie movies that the world has been, generally because the horror film, current or decades ago, lacks a philosophy of the style of “I Accuse” , With a message of fund that makes reflect, in particular and in this case on the futility of the war.

Normally, viscera, blood, persecutions, are the protagonists of these series, which, at the height of fashion, come back from time to time.

Although it is necessary to recognize that some of these films are saved of the easy criticism because they not only show a catalog of dismemberments submitted to the eternal zombie ritual, but also because they really give fear, that is what they persecute.