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Is it possible to erase a tattoo?

14 mayo, 2017  —  By

Eliminate a tattoo, Contrary to what many people think, not only is possible, but also relatively easy but clear, this will depend on different aspects.

Currently, one of the most widespread methods for tattoo removal is based on laser technology and is called “Q Switched Nd Laser”.

How to remove tattoos and skin blemishes

This method is not only used to remove decorative tattoos from our skin, but it is also used in order to remove those brown spots of age that can appear on the face, breasts, hands or arms.

If you regret having the typical tattoo with the name of your ex partner, now you can leave it behind forever, but do not do it in a day.

How many sessions are needed to remove tattoos

Is it possible to erase a tattoo?

The number of sessions necessary to completely eliminate a tattoo will depend mainly on the type of ink used, its density, the depth where the pigment is found as well as its color, while the duration of each session will depend on the size Of the tattoo.

In general, with a couple of sessions the skin can be ready to make a new tattoo on it while, to eliminate it completely, it may take up to twelve sessions. Even so, it is frequent that once finished in treatment, the area where we had the tattoo is somewhat darkened.

Is it possible to erase a tattoo?
Is it possible to erase a tattoo?

Does it hurt to erase a tattoo?

Many you will be asking the same question that you asked before of your first tattoo, does it hurt to erase a tattoo?

Well not really since this laser technique is based on a beam of light at a high speed (5-8 nano seconds), something like when we pass a lighter quickly under our hand, we do not burn because we do it fast.

Removing a tatoo is simple

As you see, removing a tattoo could be said to be relatively simple though, perhaps, heavy. If you search online you will find a lot of home methods to erase tattoos like trichloroacetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or salt and already we could also amputate the affected area, right?

However, from Actually Notes we advise always to go to a specialized professional and not resort to certain methods that, honestly, leave much to be desired besides being dangerous.

In any case, before making the decision to tattoo you think that the intention of tattooing for life, so choose well what you tatuas.