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Diana, Princess of Wales, the eternal princess

1 febrero, 2017  —  By

20 years after her death, Lady Diana Spencer, who was once Princess of Wales and future Queen of the United Kingdom, returned to be the center of the half-world glances.

The one who was considered as the world’s most famous woman, Diana Spencer, or Lady Di, returned to the front page of all the world’s publications because of the film about the last years of her life, starring Naomi Watts, About his life and that he had an unequal reception.

Also the news that were published in several English newspapers the summer before the film’s premiere about the appearance of alleged new testimonies that could reopen the case of his accident (and which feed the different conspiranoic theories that have surrounded his sudden death since That this occurred)

Thus, the release of a new book on his figure whose content is undoubtedly highly controversial (in which the British Government and the Royal Family are directly accused of orchestrating his death) have returned Princess Diana to the Front-page media from across the globe.

Now, twenty years after the event, we have Lady Di again in the spotlight of media attention.

However, the recovered worldwide popularity of her figure and the years that have passed since her disappearance seem to make it necessary to remember with a small biography who was the famous Diana, Princess of Wales.

Biography of Lady Di

Diana Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 in a family of stale aristocratic ancestry, daughter of John Spencer, then Viscount of Althorp, and Frances Roche, daughter of the Baron of Fermoy.

Diana was the third surviving daughter of the marriage, who already had two other girls, Sarah and Jane, and who was looking for a son who would become the heir of his father’s titles and perpetuate the family legacy.

It would be only three years later, when this heir so charmed would be born, Charles, who would become the last child of a marriage that was already making waters and that separated in 1967, being the children in custody the custody of the viscount.

Diana spent most of her formative years in various boarding schools but never felt any call for academic training, so she left her studies at the age of seventeen and moved to London, where her sister Sarah lived.

Lady Di, daycare assistant

There she got a job as a daycare assistant and it would be when she lived there, in 1980, when she was reunited with the person who would be her husband, Prince Charles of Wales.

Diana’s family had always maintained close contact with the British Royal Family. Without further ado, his maternal grandmother, Lady Fermoy, was until his death a great friend and confidant of the Queen Mother and Diana’s older sister, Sarah, had had a brief romantic relationship with Prince Charles in 1977.

During his short courtship, Prince Charles had met the young sister of his then girlfriend, s
In which he seemed to pay too much attention.

That changed three years later, when they met again during a weekend meeting orchestrated by mutual friends.

The innocent young Diana then appeared to many, including her grandmother and her friend, the Queen Mother, as the ideal wife for the future King of the United Kingdom.



Lady Di, played by Naomi Watts
Lady Di, played by Naomi Watts

When she reunited with Diana, Prince Charles was under great pressure to marry and have children.

Prince Charles of England

With more than thirty years (the prince was born in 1948) and a large number of sporadic relations with different women behind him, the Royal Family considered that it was time for the heir to sit down.

However, the woman who was in love with the prince in the 70s, Camilla Shand, did not fit the canons of what should be the perfect wife for the heir to the crown.

Lady Di in her childhood
Lady Di in her childhood
The future Queen of England was to be a girl without a controversial, Anglican past, of good manners and manners, and with certain aristocratic ties.

Camilla, the ‘unwanted’

Camilla did not meet several of these requirements, and court circles rejected the possibility of marrying her as an “inadequate” wife for the future king.

On the other hand, Diana was young, with no previous relationship known, came from a well-known aristocratic family and the public adored her.


Lady Di y el Principe Carlos
Lady Di and Prince Charles of England

On the other hand, Diana was young, with no previous relationship known, came from a well-known aristocratic family and the public adored her.

She was the woman the Royal Family considered ideal for the prince and they greatly supported this courtship, which advanced with great rapidity.

Just a few months after the beginning of the relationship, their engagement was made and the marriage was celebrated in the cathedral of Saint Paul the 29 of July of that same year, shortly after the girlfriend turned the twenty years.

This marriage, which could be considered of convenience from the point of view of Prince Charles, became the fairy tale of a whole generation and the new princess fell in love with the public, achieving a huge popular devotion practically from its first appearance.

At first, the marriage seemed to be well-suited, with the rapid birth of its first-born, Prince William, in 1982, followed quickly by that of his second son, Harry, in 1984.

Lady Di and Prince Charles of England at their wedding
Lady Di and Prince Charles of England at their wedding
At the same time, the Princess of Wales took part in a large number of public events and stood out for her support of various charities, although the press was constantly on her side and, according to later testimony, had many difficulties adapting to the Obligations and the lack of privacy that entailed their new position.

However, the marriage began to make waters a few years after its celebration. At the height of 1985, they were practically separate lives, and both Prince Charles and Diana had constant extramarital affairs, the first with Camilla and the second with several men, among whom James Hewitt points out.

The extraordinary resemblance in Prince Harry and James Hewitt

Principe Harry y James Hewitt
The extraordinary resemblance in Prince Harry and James Hewitt
Although their marital problems were at first concealed before the press, at the beginning of the 90 it became evident that the marriage was broken.

Facing the difficulties, both sides tried to win the favor of public opinion, in a break in which statements in the press became a throwing weapon that their protagonists used before the eyes of their entire country.

But it was Diana, who from the beginning had seduced the press, who won this battle, using different methods, among them the book Andrew Morton wrote about her with the testimonies of the same princess, in which they made very harsh statements About the cruelty and lack of feelings of the Royal Family and her unfaithful husband.

Lady Di

The publication of this book was the straw that broke the glass and finally the couple separated in 1992, although the scandals happened in the following years, signing the divorce in the beginning of the year 1996.

Diana retained during these years an idealized image, being considered as the damaged part of that marriage, while the Prince of Wales and, consequently, the Royal Family, had an increasingly negative public image.

Diana used the power that the adoration of the public gave him so much to promote the different campaigns of charity to which it was linked, as its fight against the antipersonal mines, as to fight against the Real Family and to maintain its way of life.

Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

His love-hate relationship with the press reached its zenith in the summer of 1997, when he was reported to have gone on holiday with Dodi Al Fayed, the son of millionaire Mohammed Al Fayed, with whom he had practically started a romance In the eyes of the public.

Their last escape was to Paris, city in which both would die the dawn of 31 of August of 1997 of a traffic accident, while they were going from the hotel Ritz to the apartment that had Dodi in the city fleeing of the paparazzi.

His early and unexpected death plunged the British people into a great penalty and made it a myth at the international level. Many of his admirers believe that his death was not due to an accident, but to a plot orchestrated by the Royal Family to get rid of it, the bad image it gave them and allow the prince to contract a new marriage with Camilla.

These theories have come to take so much force that a judgment was reached to clarify its death years later, that concluded that no conspiracy existed.

Even so, in 2007, several surveys carried out by different British media revealed that more than 60% of the population still thought that the princess did not die in an accident, but that there was a conspiracy to kill her.

The shadow of Diana remains enormously strong and continues to appear periodically in news nationally and internationally, whether linked to her children, or as a way to attack Prince Charles and his new wife Camilla, with whom he married in 2005 .

The new news regarding the late princess and the recently released film about her figure have continued to feed this myth that seems more present than ever: the princess of the People.

Diana Spencer movie trailer