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5 best superhero games

14 mayo, 2017  —  By

What are the best superhero games?

We are living an authentic golden age of superheroes; The personal ones, mainly those belonging to the universes of the companies Marvel and DC Comics, you are present in more and more films, television series, comics and, of course, games for any device and / or platform.

Superhero games for all

Unlike what many may still consider, superhero games are not old, not childish; Many of the stories that have a deep social, existential and even philosophical depth, but what we like most is that they are thrilling games of action and adventure, with impressive graphics and realism, very addictive, in the best of The senses, and that test our abilities.

In superhero games we find all kinds of characters endowed with great abilities and powers that we envy; Some are mythological figures, others come from planets and universes very far from ours, even from another dimension; Some have mutated as a result of some accident and even there are superheroes who are nothing more than brave humans aided by technological gadgets. All of them are the protagonists of the following superhero games available for mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, computers and, for many, they are the best.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us, a game of superheroes developed by Nether Realms, meet the most famous and important villains and heroes of the DC universe Comics that will face in exciting combat “Mortal Kombat” starring incredible pirouettes and scenes of great Impact you can not miss.

Batman: Arkham City

Who does not know Batman, the “bat man”, the “dark knight”? There are many games in which this wealthy Gotham citizen faces some of the worst villains in their particular fight for justice. However, Batman: Arkham City has become one of the most acclaimed superhero games, especially for one Luxury narrative plot and a combat system that many rate as flawless.

This installment is part of a saga that also includes Batman: Arkhan Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight

Spider – Man 2

Until the appearance of the saga Batman Arkham, Spider – Man 2 was considered, at least, like one of the best games of superheroes of the History. Although adaptations of films to video games usually stand out because of their poverty, this was the great exception.

Spider – Man 2 is the adaptation of the second film of San Raimi and in this fantastic game, the “spider man” unleashes all his incredible powers moving through the streets of a city that opens before him as it is New York.

The Punisher Arcade

Thanks to the second season of the television series Daredevil (one of the best productions of recent times), “The Punisher” (The Punisher) has become fashionable and this arcade version will delight all those who spent much Of his childhood in the recreational machines throwing blows, punches and flying kicks without rest.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

And we finalized our short selection of the best superhero games with “the mass”, “the green giant” (and we do not refer to the one of the corn) or “The Hulk”, a videojuego developed by Radical Entertaiment, – Man 2 who, after this, decided to continue to try luck, and they got it.

The result is simply as incredible as its name because in addition, as the game progresses you can improve and expand the destructive powers of Hulk.

Is your favorite superhero game in this selection or do you prefer someone else?